Shadow Horse Trailer Features and Benefits



Feature - All aluminum frame, skin, & floor    STANDARD

Benefit - Light weight, easier to pull, uses less fuel, will not RUST



Feature - 8 foot nose on the gooseneck instead of 7 foot   STANDARD

Benefit -  1. If you have a full size truck bed (8’) you don’t have to get out of your truck, put up your tail gate, then finish hooking to the trailer. 
                 2. In addition, if you have a LQ you don’t have to sleep sideways in the bed.



Feature - Use retractable emergency cables instead of chains STANDARD

Benefit - When you unhook your truck the cables just get out of the way



Feature - Molded electrical cord with bifurcated contacts STANDARD


Benefit - Water can not get inside the connector so corrosion can’t take place causing a short. Also the contacts will make contact on both sides of the connector in you vehicle always assuring a good SAFE connection.



Feature - Rechargeable battery on the emergency brake with self tester.   STANDARD

Benefit - You will always know that the battery is charged and that your loved ones pulling the trailer can count on the braking system.



Feature - Cam Latch locks & handles STANDARD

Benefit - Can open the latch with one hand AND only one key opens all locks on the trailer



Feature - Window on the escape door is a drop down and the same large size as windows on the head side. STANDARD

Benefit - The last stall is the hottest, why shouldn’t it be cool too?



Feature - Use heavier axles sooner than other manufactures STANDARD

Benefit - Bigger axles use bigger bearings, thus the trailer pulls easier. SAFER.



Feature - E-rated 16” tires on all 3 horse and up 700 series.  STANDARD

Benefit - A lot of trailers have 15 inch D-rated bias, not E-rated 16 inch radials. E-rated tires makes the ride more stable, bigger wheels makes the trailer pull easier, and this gives you enough tire to get to a safe place to change a tire if you need to. A MUCH SAFER TIRE.



Feature - American made tires    STANDARD

Benefit - Should you have a tire warranty it is much easier to find a tire dealer to settle your issue. Many trailer manufactures use Chinese or Thailand tires. These may not be bad tires, but where do you go if you have a warranty issue?



Feature - 12 inch electrical brakes, 3 horse trailers and larger. STANDARD

Benefit - Many trailers will have 10 inch brakes. SAFETY



Feature -  LED lights all around, including the clearance lights.   STANDARD

Benefit - Draws less current from you vehicle, are brighter, and last longer.



Feature - Insulated walls & ceiling in the horse box  STANDARD

Benefit - Cooler in the summer, warmer in the winter, and prevents moisture from dripping on you horses when hauling in the winter.



Feature - Automotive locks on all slant dividers   STANDARD   

Benefit - A child can open the divider even if the horse is leaning against the it. Also you don’t have to slam the divider shut which may startle your horse! SAFETY



Feature - Butt bars  (Yes, a real butt bar not a strap) are covered with a tough PVC  material similar to what you find on your dash board in your car. And, to fasten the butt bar it fits into a Z slot, it is not pinned into place. STANDARD

Benefit - SAFETY, because the butt bar can be located quickly.



Feature - Wide Spacing of Triple Axle Trailers. STANDARD

Benefit - Improved Weight distribution, improved heat dispersion, and increase SAFETY



Feature - Big 19”x53” bus window are STANDARD on the curb side and in the nose of the trailer. As an upgrade these windows can also be ordered as drop downs in the horse box.

Benefit - Ventilation galore!!!!



Feature - Extra Large Rear Tack, 6-8 saddle racks, 29 head stall hooks, 2 brush boxes, 1-2  multiple blanket bars, and 2 portable poles that the saddle racks fit into for the tack stall at the show.

Benefit - Increased storage so this option allows you to work out of the trailer or show tack stall. If you trail ride or do contesting you really increase the amount of storage because you don’t need the lower saddle racks. Additionally, for some people this option eliminates the need or desire for a mid tack.





Shadow Trailers offer so many features as standard equipment that you must be sure you compare APPLES to APPLES when you go trailer shopping. This is just a list of the things we do day in and day out every day. We also can do the custom trailer as well. Call Shadow Trailers for your next horse trailer!



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